Five for Friday {9.5.14}


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Oh my goodness.  Do you love Origami Owl?  Have you seen these new lanyards?  Mine arrived this week, and I am IN LOVE with it.  I don’t love wearing my badge, and I’m not always great about remembering it, but this new bling has changed that.  I also love that I could put lots of teacher-oriented charms in one place.  Before when I’ve tried to pick out things for a locket, I get overwhelmed and want too many that are all over the map of my personality.  I chose the autism heart (my first teaching love), the love to read charm, a pencil, and a Speak Up charm which benefits the Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe Program.

If you want to get your own amazing locket lanyard, {or any other cute OO stuff}, you can do that right here.


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 I’m LOVING my new rug and cube chairs from Kaplan.  I got this Donors Choose grant funded in June, but since it was so close to the end of the school year, it just arrived this week.    I ended up being switched from K-2 resource to 2-3 resource after I wrote the project, and I was a little afraid that the rug would be too primary, but the kids love it, and I do, too.  Can you see the lovely orange-brown shade of my classroom carpet underneath?  So, you can see why a cosmetic update was needed!  I love how the colors of the cube chairs coordinate with the rug.  I didn’t expect them to look so great together.  These chairs are great for seating modifications.  They can be turned three different ways for students to sit.  Since I have older kids this year, we are mostly using them as stools.  Today, we’re going to write some thank you notes!  Great activity for my struggling writers to practice skills and learn to express gratititude.  Do you use Donors Choose?  If not, would a blog post with tips and tricks be helpful?

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I have been keeping  up with the  Saving a Buck challenge .  It’s getting really exciting to see how those savings have grown!


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I am still plugging along with PiYo.  This is a great workout, and it is perfect for early mornings before school.  I truly feel like a nicer, more patient teacher when I win the battle with my alarm clock and get up early for my workout.  I found a new app called the  Five Club that is pretty great.  You can only “check in” at 5:00 (so you have a one minute window).  It’s helped me be a bit more accountable.  Find me on Facebook or Instagram if you need a group to help you stay motivated in your fitness journey.  I’d love to help you out {and it helps me, too.}


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It seems like the beginning of every school year is a big experiment in Failing Forward.  {Have you read that book by John C. Maxwell.  If not, I highly recommend it.}  I am starting to feel settled in the new year, and my new schedule, but it definitely takes a little while.  How long has school been in session for you?  How’s it going?

I’d love to hear from you if you stopped by.  Happy Friday!



Five for Friday {8.8.14}


I’m linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching.





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Baked Sweet Potato Chips are my current obsession.


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Sweet summer with my boy is coming to an end.  We had a great National Night Out event in our wonderful neighborhood.  J had a great time and I was happy with this shot that I captured.  I’m really enjoying playing with my new VCSOcam app.  Check out my pics on  instagram.  Should be full of classroom/ school stuff again starting next week.



I have been keeping  up with the  Saving a Buck challenge .  Just made deposit #35  into savings.  :)  {I have not been going in order, so that the last two months at holiday time, I’m not stuck with all of the higher price deposits in a row}.




I went into this blank canvas of a classroom on Monday, hoping to get the whole thing put together in one day (ha!).  My dad and hubby both helped me put the furniture in place, and then I got to work organizing.  I did NOT finish in one day, but I did find my desk, and get it set up for the new year.  I  am pretty sure that I did not sit at my desk one time last school year, but with a new set-up, I may use it more.

Do you sit at your desk?

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I’m still working on my yoga poses, running, and loving PiYo!  In January, I gave myself a black eye while trying to do crow pose, but now I can do it correctly, and even hold it for a few seconds.  Progress is so exciting!

Have a great weekend.  Please contact me if you would like some more information on the fitness programs that I have blogged about or you just want some guidance in fitness and nutrition.  I have some great Facebook accountability groups that I’d love to plug you into.  Please leave a comment if you stopped by!

Back to work for a planning meeting on Monday, and our first official teacher work day on Friday. This summer moved extra fast.  Are you back at school yet?  When do you start?

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